Scrambled eggs

hello out there!

This morning it’s all about fresh perspectives, a new clean palate.

I’m in the process of weaning my 6 month old son and it’s a new voyage for both of us, he gets to try food brand new, for the first time, and I get to imagine how cool that is for him. And be surprised by how he really has very different opinions on how good things are. Me, I love mashed potatoes, up there with the greatest comfort food for me. Maurice…well, the look he gave me when I offered him mashed potatoes was akin to if I had told him his new bedroom was at the bottom of the garden under a pile of compost. Sweet potato he was agnostic about, whereas sweet potato is perhaps the most perfect of vegetable in my opinion. But broccoli, ahh broccoli how he loves it, how much fun can be had with broccoli?! Exploring the taste, texture, shape… I never realised how fascinating a floret could be. And just how much joyous mess it could make as well.

So we’re enjoying this new journey, Mo and me. Today we had scrambled eggs. Can you imagine a time when you hadn’t eaten scrambled eggs, and formed an opinion of it, learned your taste for it? Scrambled eggs… like trying to remember the first time you heard a Beatles song…somehow it’s just always been part of your life and known intimately yet unconsciously, entwined in your fibres. But there was a first time. I’m enjoying witnessing and being part of all of Mo’s beginnings. And this blog is part of that. Set sail on the voyage with us!


5 thoughts on “Scrambled eggs

  1. Love the blog Anya! Weaning is interesting! Callum hated apples when he first had them but now loves them. And pumpkin … wow you’d’ve thought I was poisoning him. But sweet potato was a joy every time.


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