Eggy bread

Hello out there

There has been a short lull in proceedings of this here blog, as we moved house last weekend and it was suitably hectic with the bubba. I have to confess to allowing the whirlwind of moving to simply swirl around me and Mo, eyes of the storm, as others, very dear friends and family, were helpful elves. And here we are, ensconced in our new home and broadbanded-up. And excitingly the new Body Balance Pilates studios is soon to be up and running. Or Pilates-ing…

I have just managed to get the little man to sleep after a small battle of over an hour. I won this time. I sense that I have not won the war. What is it about wakefulness that is so much more desirable to my baby than sleep? As an adult, sleep is almost a prized possession, something to be coveted, and mourned if lost. To Maurice, sleep is missing out on what the world has to offer, what new colours, smells, shapes, textures and sounds little eyes, noses, mouths and hands can discover and delight in. As a regular adult I can occasionally allow myself to feel tired and grumpy to have my sleep or day time “to do” time whisked away from me by this little growing bundle of energy, but as a mummy I try and keep in mind the awesome journey that little Mo is on… knowing how much I love to look out the window on a long train journey, and tend to avoid sleeping lest I miss that snapshot of sheep pottering happily on a country hillside, a fleeting glimpse of a rabbit as it speeds away from the train noise across a field, or spectacular sunset or unexpected looming view of the sea… I realise that this is just the start of Maurice’s train journey and he simply doesn’t want to miss any great views.

Today for brekkie Maurice sampled eggy bread, French toast if we wish to be more sophisticated about its description. It made me remember the french toasts enjoyed in my childhood, deliciously hot, moist and eggy and drizzled in Maple syrup, that delightful mixture of savoury meets sweet and hums along together in lovely harmony. Even without the maple syrup (what he has never tasted he cannot yearn for) he gave it a resounding thumbs up…or rather an all five fingers splayed wag of the hand. He has never been known to be a serene presence, our Mo, and usually can be seen to be bouncing, bobbing, gyrating, squirming, and in all other ways moving about vigorously and not particularly generating a sense of calm or peace about him, as other babies may specialise in. But not this morning. Confronted with a tray full of pieces of eggy bread to behold and explore he was focused, consumed in consuming, pensive even…thoughtfully taking one piece, then another, taking mouthfuls and chewing on them contentedly. I wondered what was going on inside his little head with this deliberation. It appeared to be positive, eggy bread was a winner, and stilled the Maurice constant motion for ooh…about 5 minutes! I will try this method again.

Until next time….


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