The fluid spine

A change of tack here, onto the Pilates side of my life rather than the Mo.

Last night I hosted my first post-caeasarean Pilates class for new mums, the first group class at Body Balance Pilates studios which was a proud and exciting moment for me.

I have to say that never before have I understood more fully the greatness of Pilates and the importance of it as a body conditioning programme, the genius of it for lengthening and ironing the spine, reintroducing harmony in your muscles and contentment in the joints. It’s sensible body maintenance, oiling your joints and making sure that a natural smooth movement flow is restored to creaky parts and the spine is free and limber. Joe Pilates said, if your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30 you are old, but if it is completely flexible at 60 you are young. How true! Watch how a cat moves, no self-respecting cat would get up from a nap without stretching fully and making sure his body is revived and ready for action. We humans have lost that natural flow, and tend to become hunched and scrunched by our daily activities. And never more so than when we’re caring for a baby.

It was lovely last night to allow a small group of mums to find flow in their spines and open up their bodies, and perhaps most importantly have a bit of me time to focus entirely on their own wellbeing, babies safely asleep (or not, but it wasn’t their problem in the moment!) at home.

It made me want to find similar time for my own spine. What about you? Hmm, the baby is napping, perhaps I should be finding flow in my spine rather than in words….


One thought on “The fluid spine

  1. HI there, I will definietly have to find more time to iron my spine, I lack some physical activity at the moment. I used to attend “Zumba” but after reading this post I am sure Pilates would do me good! Marijana, Croatia


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