Baby steps

Hello again!

What a beautiful day it is today in London town, a boost to the spirits.

So, I’ve just managed to have a shower while Mo has his second nap of the day. I hurriedly shampooed and skipped the conditioner, speedily towelled, forget moisturising, and threw some clothes on which were probably found lying on the floor somewhere. In doing so I couldn’t help but remember how much I used to love looking after myself and my appearance pre-baby. Oh, the hours I used to squander slathering on lovely potions and moisturisers, my skin was, if I do say so myself, a testament to how much love and luxury I massaged daily onto it, with organic soothing wonderful lotions and creams and what nots.

I also used to cycle about 25 miles a day, and do up to 5 hours of Pilates a week. So I think I was probably in quite good shape, outside and in. Not, of course, that I noticed or acknowledged this fact at the time. But I am certainly bemoaning its loss now!

Cut to nearly 8 months post caesarean, and on a budget both of time and money, my body and skin are a very different exhibit. I’ve been feeling somewhat stuck in the mud as to what to do, as I have no time with a baby like mine, how I love him so, but he doesn’t allow any time for frivolities such as intense hair conditioning treatments or taking time over moisturising the face lovingly, and skin in your 30s starts to really show when you don’t get the beauty sleep you need. Which I haven’t done now for a lo-ho-ho-ng time. In fact I can’t remember the last time I had more than 3 hours in one go. And my skin is a little bit of a horror show as a result. It’s also hard to motivate yourself to exercise in any time I do have when Maurice is sleeping, with low energy on such little sleep. Add to that the new-mums lifeline, the coffee morning with mummy friends with more cake than you used to eat in your previous life, and you have a heady concoction towards body blues.

But enough is enough, it takes its toll on your wellbeing when you feel your outside isn’t very sheeny. I have a wedding to go to in 8 weeks’ time, and I’ve decided that I will try, with baby steps, to do something every day to regain the me that I have left behind when Mo arrived. Just tiny little things every day to find some momentum in wellness and calm in the whirlwind of motherdom.

Today, I am going to take a long walk in the sunshine and make sure that i stand tall while I walk, lengthen the spine and ask my tummy muscles to regain the resting tone they used to have, remind my body what it was before. I may also try and put some make up on as i am GOING OUT TONIGHT!!! First proper night out sans bebe, with my sisters in law to an actual proper live music gig, a world I used to inhabit but seems like a faraway land now. So, make up, and a long walk in the lovely sunshine. That’s my tonic today.

Join me in this daily baby steps challenge, every little helps, as that supermarket says, and over ten weeks I’m going to layer on joyful purely selfish healthful acts to make my body and being feel great again.

Right, have to have some lunch while the munchkin stays sleeping…. oops I haven’t yet combed my hair. Damn…


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