Sunshine or coffee?

Hello folks

So, you find me today slightly weary and nearly broken after 5 nights of unhappy sleepless baby, the dreaded lurgy got him and so night times in our little household have been somewhat nightmarish since the weekend. This morning I feel my body creaking and lurching as an aged vehicle bound for the scrapheap might, and I’m wondering how to perk it up. Do I put on a pot of very very strong coffee and sit here sipping and waiting for effects of caffeine to do their thing, or take the little one out for a stroll in the sunshine to refresh and activate myself?

While I ponder this dilemma, I can update you on all things Mo and Joe Pilates-related in my life.

Mo and I have become regulars at the local Rhyme Time in the library. It’s quite a surreal place to be, as an impartial adult observer, as babies, toddlers and everything in between are moshing around the room in slightly chaotic drunk fashion, while their respective keepers sing songs and clap hands with gusto and enjoy being in the company of other adults who understand the bags under the eyes and the occasional glob of banana mush stuck in the hair. There is a knowing look exchanged between women with small babies, a wordless understanding of how life has changed. Lie ins and glossy hair exchanged for broken nights and poo talk. But it’s a great place to be, and all the better for having a space where your baby can discover the joys of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes while you connect with other mums (and the occasional dad) grappling with this new direction their life has taken. Mo is a particular fan of the Hokey Cokey. That IS what it’s all about, as far as he’s concerned.

Joe Pilates: we are on the third week of the new term of classes at Body Balance Pilates, and it’s a wonderful learning curve for me too. As I’ve said before, now more than ever my body is in need of the maintenance that Pilates offers, the rebalancing of muscles and mind, and inner strength that it bestows. And with my two postnatal groups we’re travelling together along the road towards strength and balance post baby. Counteracting all the baby work, hunching over buggies, changing tables, feeding…and just bringing an awareness back into the body to regain a sense of self that is sometimes lost inevitably once a little baby is thrown into the mix. I’m hoping my mums are finding it a fun and challenging, and rewarding, journey, as I am. Pilates principles are wonderful not just for within the session in the moment, but for every day, embodying the principles of fluid movement, breath, alignment, strength into the day to day reaps rewards for not only how you feel physically (stretched, strengthened and refreshed) but also mentally (alive and relaxed).

I’m excited that my book is coming out next month, if it encourages just 10 people to pick up Pilates and take the principles into their daily life, then it was definitely worth the hard work!

Must go, the snotty little man has woken from his morning repose.

Until next time!


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