My Pilates Guru

Hello world! Exciting news this week is that my app is now live on the app store, search for My Pilates Guru and it comes up, yay! It’s free, and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. All the exercises from the book are included, although the instructions are reserved for the book so you only get visuals and tips. You also get all the exercise sessions from the book, plus the chance to create your own and chart your progress. I think it seems like a really user friendly app, but would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Maurice is moving and kicking and crawling his way towards walking, which is fairly terrifying. How did he suddenly get so fast?? I love watching him move and discovering how his body was built for movement. He loves to do little yoga downward dogs while he’s preparing for the off, and it’s great to know how much he is strengthening his back and core muscles so naturally, watching the flow of normal movement in a body before the challenges of modern life start to impede it.

My challenge for this week is use Mo as my Pilates guru… to begin to see my own movement as if it were the first time I was learning to move… thoughtfully and carefully taking my body into motion, mindful of my stabilising muscles, consciously engaging the pelvic floor and using the deep abdominals more to protect my back in every movement, not just lifting and carrying the baby, lengthening my spine, enjoying freedom of movement like a baby in his first forays!

I’m also starting with dry body brushing every morning from now on. Joe Pilates wrote about the benefits of dry body brushing in his book Return To Life through Contrology, written in 1945. Read it if you get a chance, it’s incredibly before its time when it comes to the idea of health and wellbeing and the ravages the modern age (such as fast living and “automobiles”) can have on both, and has some great tips and very amusing turns of phrase. Dry body brushing is a fantastic way to perk up the circulation and wake up the body, as well as exfoliating the skin so it’s buffed and soft as a baby’s bottom, and with the added bonus of shifting toxins under the skin to help get rid of the dreaded cellulite. It’s a good habit to get into. So I am attempting this week to make it a regular part of my hurried morning routine. It only takes a minute, it’s just committing to that minute every day to reap the rewards of soft glowing skin and a happy awake mind and body each morning. Best go, the sun is shining again and I am going to go out and make hay… until the next time! Stay well and happy


3 thoughts on “My Pilates Guru

  1. Hi any plans to get the app in the android market. Was really excited when I found your book and the details about the app but I use an android phone


    1. Hi Jenny, I know it’s really annoying, you’re not the only person to ask me this question. Truth is I don’t really have any power to influence this, but I have asked the publisher and because it has been a popular app they may be considering transferring it. So…watch this space! So happy you were pleased to have found the book and I’m only sorry that you haven’t been able to use the app.


    2. Hi Jenny did I reply to this…? I thought I had. You’re not the only person to have asked this so I have asked the publisher whether there are plans to, watch this space….!


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