In My Life

Hello world

This week has been a funny ol week for the Mo household. We were all struck down by the norovirus, at the same time. It wasn’t pretty, I can tell you. Man, it’s horrible being sick, and even horribler when you have to juggle a baby around it. Phew. It’s over now, thank the lord. But it really made me appreciate the wonder of feeling well. Just feeling normal. Healthy, energetic, vibrant, even better. Take a moment to assess how you’re feeling today and give yourself a pat on the back if you’re feeling in any way fit and fine. Notice it more every day and be a little bit grateful, and you’ll feel even better for it. It’s so true that saying you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, and good health is one of the big daddies in that respect.

Before I was struck down by the dreaded noro, I had been having a very lovely day with little Mo. I took him out for a stroll in the beautiful amazing spring weather that we’re having here in London right now (appreciating every single sparkly bright moment, as it aint going to stay this way). I was strolling to meet my close group of mummy friends with their babies, who I have known now for about a year, since I was heavily pregnant with the bubster. We all went to NCT classes together when our babes were bumps, and 10 months later we all thankfully have bouncing bounding little joyous (and occasionally shouty) bundles to show for it. This is a new group of friends who I have gone through a very powerful and wonderful experience with, the crazy roller coaster journey of new motherhood and all the joys, pains, joys, strains and more joys that that entails.

As I was strolling across the park with Mo asleep, I was enjoying the view of bright sunshine illuminating lots of general folk’s days with their dogs and buggies and running shoes, listening to an iPod playlist that a very dear friend of mine made me a couple of years ago. This dear friend has been a friend of mine for the best part of 20 years, and the playlist was a meandering tribute to the music that we have feasted on together with our group of friends over all those years. I was taken aback by an aching nostalgia as Iistened to some of the music, always amazed at how a piece of music can in an instant transport you to a certain particular time or place, to exactly one frozen moment or period in time.

My mind wandered to the beautiful Beatles song In My Life, which I have been mulling over a lot recently as it’s one of my chosen songs to sing to Mo to get him to sleep. What a softly powerful song it is, and so true. It seemed a fitting narrative to the very situation I found myself in, walking with my baby to meet new and wonderful friends, listening to the soundtrack of my life with an old and wonderful friend.

It made me roam through other previously darkened memory-corridors of my life, school, university, fabulous times living in Japan, other amazing experiences I’ve had in the past and friends that I’ve loved and who are still around but who I maybe don’t connect with much regularly, and one dear lovely friend who is not with us any more – tasting briefly perfect memories of great times spent, and filling my friendship cup to the brim once more just by the thought of them all.

I wondered as I walked, what particular song or snippet of music will trigger memories of this current time in my life now, transport me back to the sleepless nights and the daily adventures as Mo takes his first forays into being a human being. I was, if you like, being nostalgic about a time that I am currently in. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I always think, to quote John Lennon a second time, that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. So to avoid that happening: take a snippet every day of something that you will cherish about that day. Whether it’s a laugh from your baby, an unexpected act of friendliness on London transport, a beautiful sunset, a feeling of pure joy of spring…..notice and fully enjoy these moments as they happen. Even the moments of sorrow or confusion. They are weaving the fabric of nostalgia to come. But why not enjoy doubly, while it’s happening and knowing you’ll be able to savour it anew at some unexpected moment in the future?

Until the next time, yours in good health!


2 thoughts on “In My Life

  1. That was lovely Anya,just lovely. Feeling so sad lately. My neighbor and good friend who I have shared so many times with took a stroke and then 10 days later, another one. I don’t think she will ever get back to where she was. Riding down the road today to town, I thought…… Heather will likely never drive herself ever again down this road. You are so right. Enjoy the moment every moment if you can. Good or bad , it is all we have. That was just what I needed to read, Thank you again so much.


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