Hello world

Revisiting the original thread of this blog, I thought I would touch on little Maurice’s developments in the culinary arena, seeing as it’s about three months since we started him on this journey and he’s made leaps and bounds in that time. Certain things remain constant however:

1. He still treats mashed potato, and even to my great disappointment mashed sweet potato, with disdain. There’s nothing quite like a baby’s pure reaction to food, and particularly food that is not wholeheartedly enjoyed: without the grace that society hopefully instils in us over the course of childhood and beyond regarding the reaction to a food we’re not sure of. If we find something repugnant when in company we might silently grimace to ourselves and work out how we can swallow the mouthful in a polite fashion. Maurice when offered mashed potato takes a mouthful, then promptly pushes it out with his tongue, with a look of abject horror on his face.

2. Broccoli rocks. It is the king of vegetables in his eyes. He somehow manages to cover himself and the wide vicinity in broccoli cast off which just adds to the greatness I’m sure.

3. He has a bottomless appetite for yoghurt. Bottomless. I think he might get this from me.

4. Food is something that presses pause on the Maurice machine. While eating he is no longer impatient for action, vying for attention, trying to seek out noise and movement. He is studious, focused, intent and content. He can spend 20 minutes toying with spaghetti strands, and working his way through a handful of green beans. He doesn’t need reassurance from me that what he’s doing is right or really even notice me at certain points, if confronted with a particularly interesting piece of chicken to be gnawed through. I find this so lovely to watch, that it’s something he feels totally confident in now, and wholly content to be indulging in. He is never happier than when smothered in various foodstuffs and in the midst of enjoying a hearty meal. I suspect perhaps he gets this from me as well…

Today I must confess he tried chocolate for the first time. I wanted to mark this moment because I feel it must have been a big one for him, and also because it came about by accident. One of my weaknesses right now, triggered by the late afternoon energy lull that I sometimes experience due to lack of sleep, is to reach for a teaspoon of nutella. I appreciate this is a bit weird, and the health and fitness expert in me knows that for a real energy boost I should head for fruit and slow energy releasing goodies such as nuts and seeds. But nutella is what I am craving right now in these moments. Just a teaspoon. So…I was hanging with my little man this afternoon and he was happily rummaging in the way that he increasingly is happy to, autonomously, finding things to make noise with and balance on (and fall off…). He had his back to me and started giggling with delight. He turned round, clutching a teaspoon as if wielding Exhibit A for the defence…his face absolutely covered in chocolate, alongside a beaming smile. He had found my absentmindedly placed teaspoon, unfinished and left on the coffee table, its enjoyment evidently interrupted by a Maurice incident such as TV climbing or sofa clambering. Although I hadn’t intended that he try chocolate/sugary foods this early in his life, I had to share his utter joy in the event, as he was so delighted with his discovery and shivered with happiness as the chocolate hit his tongue. And chocolate is so very very good. Imagine what that first taste of it must have been like for him? A festival for his little taste buds.

I did have to deal with a sugar rushed Maurice for the next hour, so perhaps we won’t revisit this festival for a while…

Until next time!


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