Sleepless in SE15

Hello world

Such a lovely day today! Mo had possibly one of his worst night’s sleep last night, he was pretty much awake constantly and maybe had about 4 hours’ broken zzz time. So I was feeling decidedly ropey this morning. I had arranged through a baby forum to get together a group of mums whose babies don’t sleep, for coffee and chats and solidarity in this sleepless haze.. I considered cancelling this morning, as Mo was grumpy, I was shattered. But then I realised the silly irony of cancelling a coffee morning for sleepless mums to bond because my baby had been particularly wakeful that night, and decided to go ahead with it. And very glad I did. Such a happy melee of babies tumbling around over each other, displaying what we probably all know, that the fact that they don’t sleep is a definite inconvenience for us, but for them is a mere trifling matter. They are fine, more than fine – splendid, happy, active, confident and inquisitive. It was lovely to see. And even lovelier for us sleepy mums to have a chance to chat and mull over various issues that having a sleepless baby presents in your life…with a strong coffee.

Being a new mum can be quite an isolating experience, and depending on your personality type it can be a time of introspection and of over thinking and second guessing every decision you make about your day to day routines and patterns. When your baby doesn’t sleep, there is a whole world of advice and information out there that is offered to you by well-meaning people/websites/books to fix the problem of your baby not conforming to the ideal sleeping pattern. But actually all you need sometimes in the moment is for someone to give you a hug/offer you a chocolate biscuit and say, do you know what, that sounds a bit rubbish, I hope you’re ok and not too completely horribly tired. Today was that opportunity for our small band of merry babies and knackered mothers, and although everyone may have entered my home feeling a bit heavy of fettle, everyone left (I hope) feeling buoyed and happy by sharing love of our interesting sleep-challenged offspring.

I am feeling a bit exhausted now, and fingers crossed for a slightly more settled Mo tonight. He had another tooth through today so I am fast learning that tooth emerging = sleep be gone.

I’m about to settle down to a lovely meal and a glass of fruity red with my lovely husband. Hope you have similar restorative plans for your night.

Until the next time…..


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