Hello sunshine!

Hello world!

It’s been a long break from posting, apologies for that. I’ve been trying to write a book in between my baby care and Pilates time, which means justifying any writing time not for that is a little bit tricky!

The last week has been another week of discovery for little Mo Mo. We took him swimming for the first time last week…for some reason I had been hesitant to take him, mainly because of the fear of the logistics if going solo: how on earth do you get yourself and baby changed, before and after the pool? Particularly a baby like Mo who would very happily disappear underneath a changing room door in a flash…and perhaps require me to flash the world trying to retrieve him? I was a little bit puzzled and worried by these kind of scenarios in my mind. So, the husband came with me last weekend, and Maurice LOVED it!

Oh how he loved it. The warmth of the water, the splashing, the cushioned buoyancy, the splashing, the echoey effect of his shouting and screaming, the splashing, the other little tots having just as much fun around as him… and the splashing. He absolutely loved it. So I am charged to try again, even if it means tackling the changing issue solo, I know that this should be a big part of Mo’s life. He also slept for a million years afterwards, which actually was a bit of a nightmare as he napped for too long and it wreaked (wrought?) havoc on his sleeping in the evening, which as we all know has never been great anyway. So now i know that if he sleeps for over two hours I need to wake him up rather than be amazed by the novelty of it and carry on with jobs I normally don’t get time to do!

So, it made me think about things in life that are a joy, and realise that we should fill our lives with more of these things daily. Sprinkle more joy as seasoning on daily activities. Exercise is so important but it really should be something that you love doing, that delights you and creates the sense of excitement and happiness that Mo experienced with his first dip in the Peckham hydrotherapy pool.

Speaking of joy, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this week and today it’s such a gloriously beautiful day my spirits can’t help but rise with the sun, and the little man and I are heading out to Peckham rye park, to meet a friend and her little baby for a picnic. Sunshine, friends, lovely food, playing in the beautify lush (thanks rain!) greenery. This sounds like a recipe for a great day!

ah he has awoken. Must go!


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