Sunny side up

Hello world!

It’s been a while since the last blog, a trifling incidental detail of finishing writing my book got in the way. And now it’s done and dusted, woo hoo! Watch out for it in January, published by DK, A Little Course in Pilates. It’s a course taking you step by step through the levels to the advanced mat work. Loads of great exercises included and guidance on how to chart your progress and create your own goals. I’m looking forward to seeing it as it looks great as all DK books do. Very proud!

I’m in Prince Edward Island, the land of Anne of Green Gables (Many 30-something women may remember with a flutter and a warm heart the lovely Gilbert Blythe from the TV series in the 80s). PEI has been a formative place in my childhood and growing up, and now it has become part of Maurice’s babyhood experience … the deep blue sea, rusty red earth, pine greens and golden sun, blown by the sea breeze and spun into his fibres as well. He’s had a few weeks of tumbling around in the outdoors everyday, with the sunshine warm upon his face, wind at his back (and occasionally rain soft upon our fields), which is an amazing thing to be able to offer him. Peckham we love, but I can’t give him an expanse of greenery that is his own personal private yard to frolic around and chase cats (occasionally catching them, much to their disgust).

Mo arrived here 4 weeks ago, able to walk but not confidently. Now, he is bounding around like a delighted puppy, without any fear or trepidation (much to my fear and trepidation). Watching him at the beach has been the most wonderful thing… he strides into the waves defiantly as if they are familiar and friendly, and yet 4 weeks ago he had never been in the sea.

We have had the pleasure of spending two weeks with my sister and her entourage, 3 children under 5 tumbling around together happily, occasionally bashing each other too, and it’s a lesson in observing family generations and narratives unfold before your eyes. I remember clearly when I was about 8, sitting right here with my sister discussing when we would come back to Country House with our children and what we would do with them (a trip to Rainbow Valley being top of the list…sadly this wonderful place no longer exists). And now here we are, she with two littelies and us with MoMo, gambolling around the same territory that Rowan and I first crawled and tottered and raced and chased cats many (many…) years ago.

I guess having children is a lovely way of reflecting back over your own family life and seeing it anew in 3D technicolor. And realising how lucky lucky we are to have such a place as Prince Edward Island in our lives.

Mo also has shown us that he loves to eat mussels. Bucketloads of them. We are very proud.

Until the next time, eat your eggs sunny side up. This is the happiest way.