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Hello again

I thought I’d take some time to focus on the Pilates side of my blog with some news about upcoming class dates until Christmas.

I’m really excited to be returning to teach with Ellie Brown’s team at Greenwich Pilates, in her lovely studio in the centre of Greenwich. From Monday 5th November I’ll be teaching 3 classes of an evening:

6pm Flexible Strength: For all levels from beginners to advanced. The focus of this class is to strengthen the core muscles, utilising free weights to strengthen muscles and incorporating a yoga influence to stretch the body, unfurl the spine, creating a long, strong lean silhouette and a released, relaxed mind.

7.15pm Beginners Pilates: a back to basics class for those who have never done any Pilates, or if you’d like a bit of a refresher after an absence or want to build confidence and strength before moving on to higher levels. Covering the fundamentals for a happy lifetime of Pilates practice and progressing steadily over the weeks.

8.30pm: Improvers Pilates: the step up from Beginners, moving on progressively in technique and challenge from the beginners course.

Have a look at for more details and how to book onto the courses. It would be lovely to have you! I always love teaching at the Greenwich Pilates studio, it’s a calm and tranquil space.

Tuesdays I run two classes from my home studio in Peckham:

7pm Flexible Strength, a gentle and calming class that still manages to work you hard without strain. Allow the spine to lengthen, the limbs to stretch and the abdominals to strengthen, while you let go of any tension and strain in the body and mind.

8.15pm Pilates for Mums. A lovely class offering more than just a postnatal workout for tired mummies! Suitable for beginners or those who have some experience of Pilates, we focus on gently but effectively training the abdominal muscles using the wizardry of Pilates to repair and strengthen after pregnancy, whether natural or caesarean delivery. I focus particularly in this class on strengthening the deep abdominals to repair diastasis recti, or abdominal separation – where the two sides of the rectus muscle separate sort of like a zip is undone down the front of your belly to accommodate the growth of your baby. I have found a lot of new mums haven’t received much information about it, or are totally unaware that it can be a factor post-pregnancy. It is very important to be aware of abdominal separation and work to heal it, as it can potentially have long-term implications for back health and abdominal strength for future pregnancies. Happily, Pilates exercises can help to repair this separation effectively. We also work on the healing that Pilates can encourage in the core muscles after a caesarean birth. It is also the time for giving yourself an hour to focus purely on your wellbeing, without your little one(s) and to release any pressure and tension that might have crept into the mind and muscles over the week.

Wednesdays, I teach a class at 5.30pm at the Weston Education Centre at Kings Hospital, for Kings employees. It’s a mixed level class and works towards the intermediate and advanced Pilates mat work, although all exercises are modified for individual level and experience. A lovely flowing class, offering great release at the end of the working day.

Then in my Peckham studio:

7pm: Pregnancy Pilates. I love teaching this class. A chance to work on toning and staying supple and mobile throughout the whole of your pregnancy. But also a chance to connect to your body and your baby, prepare your mind and your body equally for the awesome journey ahead.

8.15pm Mummies Tummies. This is a higher level class for mums who have already completed at least one Pilates for Mums course, and want a bit more challenge to tone and strengthen the abdominals and travel further along the Pilates road with more complex and dynamic exercises. I always incorporate an element of pure relaxation, to allow tired mummies some time to replenish their energies, release the mind and recharge the batteries.

If you’re interested in any of the classes above, do get in touch either by email, or check out my Facebook page Body Balance Pilates in SE15 for more information. New terms begin the week of 5th November…oh…except for Pregnancy, the current term finishes on 14 November and then I’ll run a mini term up to Christmas!

Stay well and happy on this lovely lazy Sunday! My sister in law is running the Run to the Beat half marathon today so I am full of awe for her endeavour and wishing her godspeed.


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  1. Hi I have never done Pilates before and looking for a class in or around my area which is se15


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