Toddler steps

Hello world

Thanks for the many lovely responses to my last post, it was really touching to hear your words of comfort and camaraderie. It is a relatively common albeit heartbreaking experience that still looms heavy as a taboo often held secret… people maybe don’t really know what to say unless they’ve been through it themselves. I’ve found that a simple “big hugs” works wonders.

Life continues apace. Maurice is at that effervescent ever-changing period of his small yet mighty life, nearly turning the 18-month corner. He’s charging up his brain and personality more by the day. This equates to a lot of fun and endearing moments as his sense of humour develops and his talent for entertaining evolves. We are witness to his joy of learning how to tickle, learning to play “Maurice says” in his highchair, which is a game involving Maurice crossing his arms/waving his arms in the air and waiting for everyone around the table (even if it’s just me) to copy him….learning how to “cheers” with you before a meal – which now includes cheersing himself with two bottles and saying “cheees” with a massive grin – learning to be in a band, him with his mini guitar (which he plays with remarkable aplomb and confidence…I think he models his moves on Johnny Cash) and enlisting the available audience to join in on various other instruments be they real or improvised on body parts.

This growing phase also of course involves a great deal of spectacular tantrums as he is finding his limits and getting frustrated at them, and finding his sense of independence and getting frustrated at me for unfairly fettering this. BUT I WANT TO DRIVE THE CAR IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD IF I CAN’T. If he could talk, this is what he would be yelling at me on certain occasions.

He feels everything so fully and intensely, it’s truly fascinating (and at times challenging) seeing him go from an inconsolable shrieking floppy ragdoll to a jigging happy little busker strumming his guitar all in the space of about 2 minutes. Physically he’s been belting around like a crazy thing for a long time that I almost have forgotten what it was like not to have to continually chase after him. Ah the halcyon days when you could go for a coffee with a friend and enjoy it in a leisurely normal fashion without getting up every 3 seconds to retrieve a renegade toddler from behind the cafe counter/escaping out the door/some other mysterious disappearance!

Now he’s also beginning the linguistic journey, which is a lot of fun to behold. Every day he’s copying something new that I say (hmm, now I need to be careful what utterances I mindlessly allow to escape), and he’s practising his enunciation with thoughtful precision and measure. He particularly loves “t” at the moment, and will carefully repeat words such as “cot”, “hot”, “boat” (you get the picture…) with a loving pause and flourish over the t. There is an almost unbearable sweetness to his answer to the question “What does a lion say?”…”Raaaaa’, a rumbling throaty roar uttered with a delighted grin. Cows, on the other hand, often say “no”. They can be rather disagreeable in the face of questioning. It’s great fun watching his delight with his new skills…particularly today when he was shouting “daddy!” at every man who we walked past on our stroll to a friend’s house. It was rather amusing seeing the varying degrees of fear or humour across each man’s face.

So it’s entirely new scenery that we’re passing through on our journey together at the moment. I’m trying to capture it before it whizzes past to the next stop on the line.

Hope you’re all well… I’ve got another blog post ruminating so I may be back sooner than usual!


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