Run, Mo, run!!

I thought it would be fun to make a montage of pictures of Maurice running away from me. He loves me, but he loves to be independent and make me run after him. Thus I have a lot of pictures of him belting off to do his own thing. Enjoy…



3 thoughts on “Run, Mo, run!!

  1. I read it this morning. I liked it and thought I would drop a note. Cheers when I saw your latest post.


  2. Hi Anya, these pics are absolutely adorable! My favourite (if allowed 😉 is the second from bottom … wandering off into the wide world.
    Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m a mom of three and a busy teacher too (so you might guess who gave me your website address…) So balancing life between home, family, kids, work and all the rest of it is no news for me.
    Not to mention that I tried Pilates too, fell in love immediately … but had to stop because too many balls were in the air already to juggle 😦
    I love writing and taking pics and I am very passionate about my job as a teacher. I have a professional and a private blog, but as the private one’s in Estonian, I don’t really promote it outside a closer circle.

    Glad to have found this place, will be back!
    Sunny greetings from the Alps


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