Green fingers

A few months ago I talked about our project to make our “courtyard garden” a green space. The courtyard garden is no more than an outside room (and a box room at that), which has four fairly drab walls and receives a quarter share of sunshine throughout the day. It took a fair bit of imagination to think that we could do anything with it, evidenced by the fact that the previous owners of our flat had been here for three years and not done anything at all to give it any life or colour.
But gradually it’s becoming a nice place to sit while trying to make sure Maurice doesn’t bash everything green and living into oblivion. Being such a small and enclosed space, it’s all about being inventive about where and how you can grow things: we’re trying to make the most of the walls by growing at different levels, there’s the start of a herb garden and some lovely flowers at eye level, and creepers beginning to attach themselves onto trellises.
It’s certainly proof that green is a tranquil and healing colour, as just looking at the small collection of plant life is enough to encourage a greater sense of wellbeing and peace. I’m looking forward to the summer bringing more colour and vibrancy, and to seeing each season as a sequential domino effect of different greens and life, rather than allowing winter to be a barren and entirely dormant time.
I’m also trying to create a “bee cafe”, growing lots of wildflowers and other plants that bees and other pollinators might hopefully be attracted to and come to visit, to do my bit for the ailing bee population. As yet I’ve only had flies and spiders lured down into this walled garden space, but I have faith….
Aaahhh I’m going to sit back and breathe deeply while I inhale the scent of my lavender….









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