Firing up the cylinders

Feeling a bit tired today…through no fault of Maurice’s, he slept for 10 hours straight last night! But I thought I’d reblog this post as inspiration if you’re feeling like me…

Me, Mo & Joe Pilates

Hello world

How are y’all? If you’re feeling lacking of lustre, I have just the blog post for you. As we know by now, I am currently experiencing a challenge of Krypton Factor proportions in trying to get my toddler to learn the beauteous joys of restorative sleep. Yesterday, I took him to soft play in Peckham, which is just the best fun ever… I kind of wish there was an adult version so I could play out my Fun House dreams of yore (“…whole lotta fun, prizes to be won…” I think this reference will date me…), there are tunnels and balls and ramps and’s brilliant. It’s also a great way of passing an hour when you’re feeling slightly low of energy and your baby is being quite demanding. The rest of the day brought a trip to the swings, running around and flumping down a lot in…

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