best friends

Here’s a guest blog I wrote for the always-tear-inducing Lifeasawidower blog, about my friend Zoë and how much she’s missed

Life as a Widower

This is a guest post by Anya Hayes

Anya first got in touch with me after seeing my son in the park with his grandmother. She recognised him from his pictures on the blog and wanted to say hello. She told me about how her best friend had died some years ago under horrific circumstances, which sounded all too familiar. ‘Do you know my friend Hannah by any chance?’ I asked her, positive that I’d heard her heartbreaking story before. It turned out that I had. We chatted over email some more and Anya, a Pilates instructor and writer, invited me to practice with her to help with my London Marathon training. Some weeks later I was talking to one of my wife’s best friends and she told me that she practiced Pilates near to where I live. ‘Your instructor isn’t called Anya, is she?’ I asked – our paths…

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