To the launch bay!

I am ready for action, captain. This past 18 months has been a year of flux: welcoming a new baby, my threenager developing into a fournado and starting school, turning 40… a time to recategorise myself personally and professionally. I now officially tick the more aged box of life’s questionnaires. Hard to square that with still musing about what I’m going to do when I grow up. I work from home, and I’m a mum. Am I a stay-at-home-mum, or a mum who “goes to” work?
Pre-empting experiencing the bends upon entering 40’s atmosphere, a few months ago I booked myself onto a yoga retreat in Ibiza…and finally it’s nearly here. This coming weekend I’m off. “Boutique yoga and detox” retreat to be precise.
There’ll be daily “heart-opening” yoga, there’ll be a day’s juice fast. There’ll be a session of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), hopefully arming me with tools to overcome that most insidious of new parenting foes, anxiety. There’ll be sleep. Sleep dear wonderful sleep, old lost friend of mine I am looking forward to your sweet embrace. There’ll be sunshine – I hope – and lizard-like I’ll be spreading out my limbs to soak up as much of the warmth of the rays as I can.

And I’ll be going cold-turkey from breastfeeding my babytoddler, so there’ll be a physical and emotional tug at the heart (boob) as my body regularly chimes at its current pre-set alarms. 

So I am ready to launch. I’ll be charting my progress here. Get set glow!