About me


I’m a writer and Pilates teacher based in south east London. When I started this blog I had a baby, Maurice, known fondly as Mo, and I shared my days with Mo, learning about life from a baby’s wise perspective. I now have a small boy called Maurice, and a toddler called Freddie. Motherhood is brilliantly hard. Finding a tribe is important. Sharing my motherhood and Pilates journey is part of being in my tribal gathering.

Pilates has become a real inspiration for me since I started my first course over ten years ago. Learning more about the huge character who was Joe Pilates made me admire his get up and go, his no nonsense and passionate approach to fitness and wellbeing, knowing that a life well lived is one lived in nothing but tight pants, with a cigar at your fingertip. He was a genius when it comes to knowing what the moving body needs to keep it in good working order. Like a car, our bodies need regular care and MOTs, otherwise we’ll become rusty with miscellaneous strange noises emanating from under our hoods. Pilates is the perfect body conditioning programme. Having children has been a challenge for me in maintaining my commitment to Pilates for my own body, and as I have entered a life phase where I’m a Pilates-instructor-plus-mummy, this blog is about that journey too. Little titbits about health, fitness and wellbeing might be sprinkled as seasoning.

So, I love Mo and Freddie, I love Pilates, I love my family and friends and I l o v e savouring those perfect moments of happiness you find in corners you weren’t expecting.


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